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Please do not apply for any position without becoming an ACTIVE member of our Discord Server, as that will be where you are contacted the most often.

Please do not apply for any position for which you do not have the time, resources, or expertise to perform. This is a waste of your time and ours. While many positions listed provide training, jobs requiring pre-existing technical skills (such as Graphic Designer, Blogger, etc) should be left to people with experience in these fields.

All "employees" are currently interns, volunteers, and independent contractors. You may be asked to fill out an employment contract to reflect this. In some cases you will also be asked to sign a confidentiality agreement. 

Employees will also be expected to use the online scheduling and time-clock to track their work activity.


Job Application

Current Openings

* Discord Server Help Desk


* Discord Server Moderator


* Content Moderator Videos (Unpaid Internship)

Responsible for checking videos and removing content that violates our TOS. Also watching for popular content.

* Report Moderation Agent (Unpaid Internship)

Responsible to check incoming reports from user accounts, and see if the content violates our terms of service. If it violates our TOS then you will remove it.

* User Verification Agent (Unpaid Internship)

Responsible for verifying if a user is 18+ to remain on the app. If a user is suspended for being a minor you will be able to reinstate an account after verification

* Sales Manager (Commission Based)

Responsible for reaching out to businesses, and generating revenue through advertising. Maintaining daily logs using our back office software to progress on potential clients.

* Wikipedia Content Editor (Volunteer Position)

Responsible for building and maintaining the Sigil Video by Sigil Social Network Wikipedia page.

* Established Bloggers and Guest Bloggers (Volunteer Position)

Established bloggers, with their own blogs, will be responsible for periodically to write posts about Sigil Video by Sigil Social Network, special events, or other relevant newsworthy content.

Guest Bloggers, or Ghost Bloggers, will be responsible for contributing content for publication on the Sigil Video Blog. Guest Bloggers will be given credit in a byline on each of their posts, while Ghost Bloggers will remain anonymous. 

* Graphic Designers and Photographers (Unpaid Internship)

Graphic designers will be responsible for creating original images requested for the website, social media, advertising, and blogging.

Photographers will be responsible for providing original photos of people, places, and things as requested by the Graphic Designers and other content builders.

* Social Media Assistant (Unpaid Internship)

Responsible for posting pre-made content, scheduling posts, answering questions and comments on various social media accounts, organizing content, and developing original content.

* Calendar Management Agent (Unpaid Internship)

Responsible for keeping an up-to-date online calendar of upcoming events for copywriters, bloggers, and graphic designers to use to create content. 

* Copywriter (Unpaid Internship)

Responsible for writing social media posts, filling for empty blog entries, wording website content, and researching and creating original hashtags for use on the app and in social media content. You will also be responsible for providing a #hashtag list for distribution to influencers two weeks in advance. 

* Original Audio Agents (Unpaid Internship)

Responsible for trimming, uploading, and otherwise editing music. Also may be responsible for reaching out to new artist to obtain use of their original songs.