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How To Remove Short Form Video Watermarks

How To Remove Short Form Video (SFV) Watermarks
And Why You Want To!

SigilVideo is not your ordinary destination for #shortformvideo or #sfv for short. It's raw, real, and without boundaries. Sigil is a global destination for short form mobile video. Our mission is to allow freedom of expression and inspire the imagination.Many creators use their own watermarks to add protections to their art. Unfortunately, a watermark will offer little to no copyright protections and can hinder the opportunities for getting shared because they make it impossible for companies, blogs, and social media channels (like our Sigil Social Network accounts) to feature your work. Depending on the location of your watermark it can also deteriorate the overall composition of your work. 

To further complicate matters, many short form video APPs and video editing software will include their own watermark to the content you upload or create using their tools. Unless directly using the "share" feature to cross post intentionally it is almost never a good idea to leave an APPs watermark on your videos (or pictures). The general rule of thumb remains that if it isn't your mark you should remove it prior to posting it to another platform.

watermarks from video editers and apps are not allowed on sigil social network video app. Create (edit) and share your content, watch #entertaining 15 to 30 second videos, LIVE stream to a global audience, meet new people and make friendsShort Form Video (SFV) APPs are now taking the rules about posting video created with competing APPs to a whole new level by refusing to feature content made with alternate APPs that contain a watermark other than their own. In addition, some APPs do not allow the practice of cross posting at all if a watermark is present. This leads to frustration and disappointment when multiple videos are removed from your social media accounts often without notice or explanation.  

Many sites exist for removing watermarks from videos that were originally posted on popular APPs like SigilVideo, Likee, TikTok, Lasso, Reel, and others. It only takes an easy web search to find one that will remove watermarks free of cost. It has been our experience that sites like MusicallyDown are the best options for downloading your favorite videos to save for offline viewing and cross posting without a watermark. Remember to always check the rules of the APP you are posting your video with to make sure you are not violating any guidelines by posting video that has an outside source watermark if you choose not to remove it.

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