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Sigil Social Network soft launch press release for world's first adults only short form video app
Further Information contact: 
                                      Zack Ceresini

Phone: ‪(620) 712-9126‬ Email:


New Short Form Video APP for Adults Only

Sigil Social Network wants new members to "Make Your Mark" as they launch the first ever global destination for short form mobile video geared toward 18+.

American based APP creator Zack Ceresini says, "Our mission is to allow freedom of expression and inspire the imagination with this adult oriented APP."

Sigil Social Network was created by Zack Ceresini, and his partner Diane Harris, after becoming frustrated watching video media creators on various APP's have their videos removed, shadow banned, and be discriminated against based solely on their association with the LGBTQ Community or their physical appearance.

"Sigil Social Network is an all-inclusive community. We encourage our members to create the content they believe in and be who they are.", added co-creator Diane Harris.

Find out more about the new short form video APP, available in BETA release in the Google Play Store, now by visiting the Sigil Social Network website

Until which time that the Apple Store changes their Policies regarding Adult APPs, we will NOT be offering our APP  for IOS.


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