Sigil Social Network

The Story of Sigil Social Network

Sigil Social Network was created out of frustration watching video media creators on various APP's have their videos removed (for no reason), shadow banned for being part of the LGBTQ Community, and/or being silenced due to physical appearance.

Sigil Social Network is a short form video social network platform geared toward the 18+ market. We allow content that is Rated R and have less stringent guidelines on what creators can post.

If you’re an influencer, but not moving to the top of the platform you are currently using and you feel like you are being discriminated against based on your content we invite you to come "MAKE YOUR MARK" on Sigil. Here we will outline the actions and/or milestones you need to achieve your goals. It's never our intention to keep you guessing.

Sigil Social Network is an all-inclusive community. We encourage our members to create the content they believe in and be who they are.

Are you ready to have some fun and take this adventure with us?

DOWNLOAD the Sigil Video APP today, and we will be watching for you to "MAKE YOUR MARK" with the only short video social network APP designed for the Adults.

Sigil Social Network, is owned and operated in the United States.